What does Libra do?

Libra continuously monitors your mobility and balance by identifying daily activities that are similar to the tests physical therapists use. We use these activities to assess your balance and mobility in the setting of your own home.

When will my Libra arrive?

Currently we are starting our Beta trials with select participants. We expect the device to be complete and ready to ship in March of 2018.

How often should I wear Libra?

The more often you wear Libra the better. Libra makes the most accurate predictions about your mobility and balance when worn on a regular basis.

Does the device detect falls?

Libra is not a fall detection system. It is designed to predict and prevent mobility impairements by tracking and improving balance and mobility.

How does Libra improve my mobility?

Libra is able to detect changes in your gait and mobility as soon as they start to occur. When combined with routine physical thereapy visits, Libra provides users with the most effective therapies for their personal mobility needs.

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