Be Mobile With Libra.

Libra improves your balance, strength, and mobility.

Empower Yourself Everyday.

Libra generates personalized recommendations to improve your balance, strength, and mobility.

Libra is Smart

The world's first wearable that improves mobility.

Balance Tracking

Libra knows your balance and can spot when it changes.

Walking Analytics

Libra uses Big Data to understand your gait and improve your mobility.

Works On Any Device

We've built Libra to work on the web, through iPhone, and on Android.

Designed for You

Libra is shaped to fit you. It's comfortable, subtle, small and out of the way.

Exercise Is Personal

Libra recommends Personalized Exercises based on your unique Mobility Vital Signs.

Proactive Alerts

Information is power! Stay one step ahead and protect your health.

What is Libra?

Libra is the first wearable device that promotes mobility and independence in the Active Aging Community.

Libra informs you about your gait and balance and lets you share this information with loved ones.

Libra recommends simple and effective exercises that can help improve your health and enable an active lifestyle.

How Does Libra Work?

Libra builds personal mobility profiles based on each user's Unique Mobility Vital Signs.

Libra monitors Gait and Balance Health and sends customizable alerts when it detects changes.

These alerts are warnings of life changing emergencies that enable you to act preventively and protect your health.

"Libra has been life changing.
It makes me feel strong and confident about my health."

-Debra, 56

With Libra, take control of your life, your health, and your mobility.