Libra was developed by Embrace HealthWear, a team of Engineers, Data Scientists, and Aging Researchers from San Diego, California. Libra captures your body's daily motion and uses Machine Learning to measure your Mobility Vital Signs.

Today, doctors perform Gait and Mobility Assessments where they visually score a patient's ability to do normal daily activities and then prescibe personalized exercise plans.

However, these assessments are limited by human error in observation and by the small amount of data gathered during the test.

Libra captures your motion and scores these tests on a daily basis. It also stores the data and test results so they are reusable and transferable between you, your family, and your healthcare providers.

It combines our decades of experience teaching fall prevention with cutting edge gait analysis and exercise science to empower users with the information they need to take control of their mobility health.

From assessing future fall risk to predicting disease, Embrace Healthwear continues to be committed to drive prevention and early intervention through cutting edge Gait Informatics.

Libra Motion Analytics

Gait disturbances as specific predictive markers of the first fall onset in elderly people.

Mobility Vital Signs

Libra Tracks Information that doctors already use such as walk speed and standing sway.

Libra Detects Changes

We learn the most Mobility Changes. Gait Disturbances increase risk of falls and are an early indicator of disease.

Smart Interventions

Unique people require personalized responses. Libra builds custom exercise plans based on your Mobility Vital Signs.

The Science Behind Libra


Balance Improvement

Targeted excercise alone has been proven to reduce your likelihood of improving balance impairements by 30-40%


Balance and Mobility Signals

With the power of advanced motion analysis, Libra™ recognizes more than 22 different measures of your balance and mobility.


Balance Sensor

With just 1 Libra Balance Sensor understand and improve your mobility like never before.

Whether you want to improve your balance or just want to get your family and friends on a balanced track, Libra can help you get there and this is only the beginning.